Cooking for Neighbours, A Trend in Full Bloom!

It is no longer necessary to go to a restaurant or have a meal delivered by a chain of restaurants to eat on demand, according to your wishes. Today, we can all cook for our neighbours by offering them, at their choice: order a homemade dish from a neighbour who is an amateur or professional chef as an extra order a complete meal for several guests, clearly specifying their choices to the cook come and cook at home as an extra chef go eat a meal for lunch or dinner in a local restaurant take cooking lessons at a neighbour’s house and improve your skills All this becomes possible between individuals because the rules have changed. Indeed, it is now possible to offer the services of amateur cooks as a private individual for your neighbours. This is totally legal in the field of collaborative economics, as long as it is not your main activity in this context. Thus, there are sites for connecting individuals. They allow cooking enthusiasts to offer and test their culinary talents in different forms. Prepare homemade dishes for your neighbours You can choose to cook the dishes you are used to making to

Which Cookeo to choose? The Differences Between Classic, USB and Connect

Félicitations ! Vous avez enfin franchi le pas et pris la meilleure décision qu’il soit : Acheter votre premier Cookeo. But you ask yourself the fateful question: Which Cookeo to choose? The classic Cookeo, the USB Cookeo or the Connect Cookeo? The answer to this question may surprise you, because it depends on your use, and also on your budget, but not that… At the end of this article, you will finally know which one to choose. What are the Common Functions Before deciding which Cookeo to choose, let’s review the common functions of the main models. All three Cookeo models have completely identical basic functions. Basically, you can do almost anything with the Cookeo Classic. Since the last updates, the three models have the same number of preloaded recipes (150) and the same number of cooking modes (6). The power is also the same, 1600W against 1200W for the older models. Moulinex has decided to increase the power to better seize during cooking and to cook faster aussi ! The capacity of the tank is 6L for all three models, which is perfectly suitable for preparing a meal for up to 6 people. Features of the Cookeo USB