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The Good Food Neighborhood™ is a  community outreach program of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, (PASA).



Through a dedicated blog and other social media tools, GFN aims to help subscribers, a community of consumers, farmers and businesses, plug into their local food system.

GFN promotes PAKimchi WorkshopSA Member events, local foods celebrations, and the programs of its Sustainability School Partners around the state encouraging participation in local initiative
GFN shares timely information about issues that effect farmers and our food system educating subscribers.




Support farms, people and the planet! 

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Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

PASA is a member-based, nonprofit organization working to promote profitable farms  that Produce Healthy Food for All People While Respecting the Natural Environment

PASA is a network of people who care – we all have a role in assuring the health and longevity of our regional farms and food supply. PASA is the catalyst that brings together those dedicated to advancing sustainable food and farming systems.

Our family farms face enormous threats and whether we can save farming in time is up to all of us. They can and will be saved – if they have enough friends (and farmers). Please be one of them. Please join us.