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This page is a direct feed from Collaborative Consumption describes a movement focused on traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping currently gaining in popularity as we reclaim our innate nature to connect with each other.

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    • The Sharing Bros-exploring the collaborative economy September 8, 2014
      In this 12-part web series, the Sharing Bros share their encounters with the people experiencing collaborative economy across 15 countries!   Learn more about their story here.The post The Sharing Bros-exploring the collaborative economy appeared first on Collaborative Consumption.
      Mia de Villa
      Mike Dolan is the co-founder of Igobono, a fun and safe way to trade and donate objects and services. In this interview, Mike tells us his vision for Igobono and his goal to empower individuals and organizations to be economically in control. Taylor Kuhn interviewed Mike to find out more about he and his co-founder Max Volskys’ new...  Read moreThe post COLL
      Melissa O'Young
      We scour the internet to find the most interesting news on the collaborative consumption front. Here are our picks for the week:   Report: Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy 25% of the UK population took part in the collaborative economy over the last year according to a report by Nesta UK and Collaborative...  Read moreThe post WEEKLY ROUND-UP: CO
      Mia de Villa
    • So You Want To Be a Curator? September 5, 2014
      Our Global Curator team helps us to share the latest in news, events and opportunities from their parts of the world, from Asia to South America to Europe to the Middle East and everywhere in between.  In this team video, our curators tell us a little bit about their journey as a collaborative consumption fan and...  Read moreThe post So You Want To Be a Cur
      Mia de Villa
    • Udemy hails European expansion with offices to open in Dublin September 4, 2014
      The online learning marketplace Udemy is set to open a European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Recruiting for key positions, including product managers, senior software engineers and a country manager for Ireland, is currently underway. Udemy also expects to eventually add multilingual instructors to its current roster of 10,000 instructors teaching 18,000
      Elizabeth Douet
    • Kickstarter To Open Irish Website September 4, 2014
      The massive crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, is to open an Irish website soon according to the Irish Independent. The site, set to bring creative projects to life through individual small scale donations, will be welcomed by a growing number of Irish entrepreneurs. So far they’ve had to go through US or UK sites.  Relatively unknown in Ireland, Kickstarte
      Elizabeth Douet
    • REPORT: Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy by Nesta UK with Collaborative Lab September 4, 2014
      Over the last few years, we have observed the rapid growth in popularity of collaborative economy companies all around the world, and while we learn more and more about this shift every day, a number of big questions have remained unanswered, such as exactly who is participating in this new economic activity? Why do company founders...  Read moreThe post REP
      Lauren Anderson
    • Report: Making Sense of The UK Collaborative Economy September 4, 2014
      The new report, Making Sense of the Collaborative Economy, from Nesta UK in collaboration with Collaborative Lab, aims to answer some big questions regarding this new economic activity, focusing on the UK context. Read the report here.  The post Report: Making Sense of The UK Collaborative Economy appeared first on Collaborative Consumption.
      Collaborative Consumption
    • The Catalan Competition Authority issues the study “P2P transactions and competition” September 4, 2014
      In the middle of a complicated scenario for Airbnb and Uber in Catalunya, the Catalan Competition Authority (ACCO) issued the study “P2P transactions and competition” (.pdf) The document is an approach to the technology innovation of marketplaces (websites or mobile applications) that turn out to be a meeting point between supply and demand, and which...  Re
      Albert Canigueral
    • Collaborative Pioneer Interview Kate Luckins of The Clothing Exchange September 2, 2014
      Kate Luckins is the founder of The Clothing Exchange, a company that allows people to swap clothes online on its website or during the series of swapping events they host across Australia. In this interview Kate brings us all back to the day The Clothing Exchange began and where she sees the company going next....  Read moreThe post Collaborative Pioneer Int
      Darren Sharp

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