Ever consider volunteering for Farm Aid?

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Farm Aid 2012 is taking place at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, PA on September 22nd!

The Farm Aid Staff have always been big fans of the annual PASA conference. Now it’s your turn to check out their annual event in your own backyard and even get in on the action. Volunteers are used throughout concert weekend and play a huge role in Farm Aid’s annual event- even the musicians volunteer their time! A limited number of volunteer positions still exist for this year’s show. Volunteers receive great perks in exchange for their time including a T-shirt, a meal, and parking. Saturday volunteers will gain admission to the volunteer section and be able to watch the show before and after their volunteer shift.  Please email Anna Miragliuolo at anna@farmaid.org for additional information and write “New Volunteer” in the subject line.

PA: Carlisle – Annual Local Food Dinner with Ben Hewitt

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When: March 24th at 6:30pm (immediately following the winter Farmers on the Square market!)
Where: Dickinson College Social Hall, Holland Union Building (HUB), Carlisle, PA
Keynote Speaker: Ben Hewitt, author of The Town that Food Saved
All proceeds benefit Farmers on the Square market. Help support local farmers and enjoy a delicious dinner, too!

About the Keynote Speaker

Ben HewittBen Hewitt was born and raised in northern Vermont, where he currently runs a small-scale, diversified hill farm with his family. He lives with his wife and two sons in a self-built home that is powered by a windmill and solar photovoltaic panels. To help offset his renewable energy footprint, Ben drives a really big truck. His work has appeared in numerous national periodicals, including the New York Times Magazine, Wired, Gourmet, Discover, Skiing, Eating Well, Yankee Magazine, Powder, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure,and Outside. His latest book is Making Supper Safe: One Man’s Quest to Learn the Truth about Food Safety.

Listen to an interview with Ben Hewitt on NPR’s Think Radio with Krys Boyd: “Is Our Food Really Safe?”

LA Times: “Frontlines of a Food Revolution”

Ben Hewitt’s Website

How to Purchase Tickets: Tickets go on sale for all community members on March 12th. If you would like to receive a reminder when ticket sales go live, please sign up for the Local Food Dinner email list using this form.

Tickets will also be on sale in theHolland Union Building on the following dates & times:

Week of March 5th (Dickinson Students Only):
11:30-1:30 and 5:00-7:00 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Week of  March 12th
11:00-1:00 Mon, Wed, Fri

Week of March 17th
11:30-1:30 and 5:00-7:00 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Getting to the Local Food Dinner: 

Map of Dickinson Campus – Holland Union Building is #16. Directions to Dickinson
Parking is available on the street and in campus lots. Carpooling is encouraged!

If you cannot make the dinner, we still encourage you to attend the indoor farmers’ market in the Holland Building on March 24th from 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Check out some pictures from the 2010 Local Food Dinner!

About the Local Food Dinner

Since 2005, the Dickinson College Farm has worked hard to organize our region’s local food celebration. By contacting local farmers and charging the College’s Dining Services with the task of developing a seasonal menu, we have succeeded in drawing a crowd of 200 each year for a feast that is one of a kind.

We have been fortunate to have leaders like Anna Lappe, co-founder of Small Planet Institute and a widely respected author and educator, renowned for her work as a sustainable food advocate; Kim Tait, owner of Tait Farms food activist, and agricultural entrepreneur; Nina Planck, Farmers’ Market organizer, food activist, and author; Kim Seeley, PA Dairy Farmer, President of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA); Anthony Flaccavento, founder and executive director of Appalachian Sustainable Development as keynote speakers.

Our Local Food Dinner is held on campus in the Holland Union Building (HUB) Social Hall every spring.

Past Speakers

April 9, 2011: Keynote Speaker: Anna Lappe, daughter of Frances Moore Lappe and international advocate on issues relating to “sustainability, food politics, globalization, and social change”.Anna Lappe founded the Small Planet Institute.

March 27, 2010: Keynote Speaker: Tim Stark, farmer and author of “Heirloom”, a memoir of over fifteen years of growing heirloom vegetables on Eckerton Hill Farm.
The Examiner: “Successful Tomato Farmer Tim Stark Details the Ironies of his Job”
2009-2010 Local Food Dinner Pictures

April 4, 2009: Keynote Speaker: Lyle Estill, author of “Small is Possible: Life in a Local Economy”; “Biodiesel Power; the Passion, People, and Politics of the Next Renewable Fuel”; and “Industrial Evolution; Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future”.

PA: Philadelphia – Registration for The Home Grown Institute March 24-25 is Open!

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PASA’s Good Food Neighborhood is proud to be a Community Partner of The Home Grown Institute. Registration is open for the March 24-25  “Springing Good Intentions Into Action” conference to be held at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, in NW Philadelphia.
  • 50+ Hands-on Home-Scaled Sustainable Skills Workshops including:
    • edible gardens, community and school gardens
    • seed-saving, soil enrichment, 4 season harvest
    • bees, chickens, worms, aquaponics
    • food preservation, fermentation
    • repurposing, upcycling, natural building
  • Fun, Engaging and Educational KIDS and TEEN program
  • Seed Exchange and Tool Swap
  • Silent Auction, Awards Reception
  • Local, Organic, Seasonal Lunch
  • Free Rain Barrel or Worm Farm Composter for all registrants*
  • Work-exchange financial aid available
Contributions to the Silent Auction benefit our Community Scholarship Fund
Watch for the Weekend At-A-Glance Pull-Out in The Weavers Way Shuttle (February, page 10)
View the Weekend At-a-Glance and Full Program online (http://issuu.com/thehomegrowninstitute) or
Download the docs from the website (thehomegrowninstitute.org/Register.html).
For more information, contact info@thehomegrowninstitute.org
Register soon. Late fee applies after February 24. Registration closes March 19.
* one per family/residence. All repurposed from reclaimed food grade plastic. Supplies are limited.

PA: State College – PASA Sustainability Schools: February Reskilling Workshops

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Spring Creek Homesteading February Reskilling Workshops are Filling Up Fast!
  • Cooking Winter Soups & Stews – 3 spots Left
  • Making Mittens & Scarves from Old Wool Sweaters – FULL
  • Home Beer Brewing – FULL with 6 on waiting list
  • Yogurt & Granola – 12 spots left
  • Making Balms & Salves – 7 spots left
  • Silk Scarf Salt-Painting – 4 spots left
  • Cold Frames – 6 spots left
  • Sauerkraut – 5 spots left
  • Worm Composing – 13 spots left
  • Homemade Pasta & Sauce – FULL

To sign up:

The Home Grown Institute offers Two Days of 50+ Sustainability-related Workshops!

January 17, 2012 in Sustainability Schools

Registration is Open!

PASA’s Good Food Neighborhood is proud to be a Community Partner of The Home Grown Institute. Registration is open for the March 24-25  “Springing Good Intentions Into Action” conference to be held at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy!
  • 50+ Hands-on sustainable skills workshops and activities
  • Fun, engaging and educational Kids and Teen program
  • Seed Exchange and Tool Swap
  • Silent Auction, Awards Reception
  • Local, Organic, Seasonal Lunch
  • Neighborhood “Community Kitchen” Incubator
  • Free Rain Barrel or Worm Farm Composter for all registrants*
  • Work-study financial aid available
View the Weekend At-a-Glance and Full Program online (http://issuu.com/thehomegrowninstitute) or download from the website (thehomegrowninstitute.org/Register.html).
Register soon. Late fee applies after February 24. Registration closes March 19.

* one per family/residence. Supplies are limited.

PA: Boiling Springs – PASA Sustainability Schools: Seasonal Planning

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Summer Dreamin’: Planning for the Coming Season

January 28, 2012
Starts: 2:00 pm
Ends: 4:00 pm
Location: Dickinson College Farm, 553 Park Drive, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania 17007
Description: FREE Event.
Despite the cold weather outside, let’s talk summer! The winter months provide us with time indoors to start planning for the gardening season ahead. This workshop will discuss how to start a backyard garden, from designing garden beds and soil preparation to starting seeds and planning for continual harvests throughout the growing season! We will also share strategies for healthy crop rotations, disease prevention and lessons learned from last year!
Register: http://goo.gl/gaOGa

PA: Collegeville – PASA Sustainability Schools: Build a Bat Box

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Build a Bat Box

January 28, 2012
Starts: 11:00 am
Ends: 1:00 pm
Location: Greener Partners: Longview Center For Agriculture, Stump Hall Road, Collegeville, PA
Description: $10 or $8 for PASA/Greener Partners/GFN Members
$12 Materials Fee
Bats are awesome, and your backyard or garden is probably a great habitat for them! A single brown bat can eat up to 1200 insects in an hour, helping reduce garden pests and mosquitoes. Participants will build their very own bat house to take home, learn about ideal placement around the home or in the garden, and discuss what we can do to create ideal habitat for this beneficial, threatened, and misunderstood friend. No building experience is necessary for this family friendly workshop.
Register: http://www.greenerpartners.org/events


2012 Sustainability Schools

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Look for homesteading, homemaking, and backyard conservation courses
to come to your local community soon.

The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), already at the forefront of farm-based education in Pennsylvania, today launches a new effort aimed at providing courses for consumers interested in living more sustainably. Through its Good Food Neighborhood program, PASA is partnering with organizations, groups and individuals to provide “Sustainability Schools” throughout the Commonwealth and bordering states.

“Living more sustainably is something we can all do to contribute not only to the viability of our own families, but increasingly of our local communities,” says Hannah Smith who heads up PASA’s community outreach efforts. Smith designed the program which parallels PASA’s very popular peer-to-peer farmer education program. “PASA is well-known for its farm-based education programs which highlight the skills and experience of our farmers to farm sustainably. Likewise, our local communities are gaining strength by the networking of folks who have much to offer in the way of living sustainably. Our Sustainability Schools draw on these community resources.” Smith points to a wide range of courses available from composting to backyard poultry and beekeeping, from home energy efficiency to food preservation, and even home brewing and fermentation. She also notes that a taste of Sustainability School subject matter will be available during the Good Food Neighborhood (GFN) workshops at PASA’s 21st Annual Farming for the Future Conference in State College, PA, February 1-4, 2012 (see registration information below).

PASA is currently partnering with Dickinson College Farm (Carlisle, PA), Greener Partners (Collegeville, PA), the Spring Creek Homesteading Fund (State College, PA), and The Home Grown Institute (Philadelphia, PA), and is in negotiations with other potential partners to bring Sustainability Schools to every region of the Commonwealth and surrounding states (contact Hannah Smith if you or your organization might be a good fit for the program).

Katherine Watt, an organizer with Spring Creek Homesteading, offers, “These courses are about learning how to do more things for ourselves. In this time when families are feeling so stretched from a contracting economy, rising energy prices and the impacts of extreme weather conditions, building a safety net using local resources of time, skill and land can make all the difference.”

More information about PASA’s Sustainability Schools program is available on the Good Food Neighborhood website at www.goodfoodneighborhood.org/sustainabilityschools.

About the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture:
PASA is the only statewide, member-based, sustainable farming organization in Pennsylvania and is one of the largest in the nation at over 6,000 members. Consistently, about two-thirds of PASA members are farmers. Additionally, PASA reaches over 25,000 people nationally through its Good Food Neighborhood program. Its mission is “to promote profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment.” Look for the Good Food Neighborhood (GFN) thread in this year’s conference programming, available at http://www.pasafarming.org/conference2012/workshop.htm

About Dickinson College Farm:
The Dickinson College Farm is a 180-acre working farm and educational resource that provides Certified Organic and Food Alliance Certified produce to Dickinson College’s dining hall and the local community through Community Supported Agriculture programs and food bank donations. Located six miles from the Carlisle, PA campus, the farm uses state-of-the-art sustainable operations, such as solar-electric and solar-hot-water systems. The current partnership with PASA is running under the “Sustainability Series” title and will be held at Dickinson College Farm in Boiling Springs, PA.

About Greener Partners:
Greener Partners offers programs and projects aimed at increasing public access to local foods, training new farmers in resilient farming techniques, and educating people about the origins of their foods and empowering them to create healthy communities. The current partnership with PASA is running under the “Farmer Mark Series” title and will be held at the Longview Center for Agriculture in Collegeville, PA.

About Spring Creek Homesteading Fund:
Spring Creek Homesteading Fund is organized to support local self-sufficiency within the Spring Creek Watershed of Central Pennsylvania by supporting food gardens and orchards, urban farms, community greenhouses, kitchens, bakeries, farmers markets, and workshop programs in the homesteading arts. The current partnership with PASA is running under the “Reskilling Workshops” title and will be held primarily at the Friends Meetinghouse in State College, PA.

About The Home Grown Institute:
The Home Grown Institute has as its mission to energize the community – through skill building and community connection – to move forward, each on our own personal path of sustainable practice. The Institute is Community-Centered, Skills-Focused, and Action-Driven. The current partnership with PASA is running under the “Springing Good Intention Into Action” title and primarily serves residents of the Wissahickon Watershed and Metropolitan Philadelphia, PA.

For more information about PASA’s Good Food Neighborhood and our Sustainability Schools program or to schedule an interview, please contact Hannah Smith at hannah@pasafarming.org, @goodfoodhood, or 717-250-0725.